We are closed Nov 24-26 for Thanksgiving and return Nov 29th. We've removed all products to prevent any additional sales. PLEASE see our updated FAQ section.


When will I receive my product?

- This depends on MANY variables. If we have your model in stock and ready to ship, please note that we ship IN ORDER. So, while we may be shipping out a specific model, we may not have your finish or we may only have a certain amount that will go to those who ordered prior to you.

For example: You ordered a Blue, Vitacci Jet 9 and we have it in stock ready to ship and are shipping out. We have 50 in stock at that moment. You may be 4th in queue, 25th in queue, or 51st in queue. That in and of itself is a significant difference. There may be 5 customers who no longer want their order or we may inspect a unit prior to shipping only to discover it is not in shippable condition. 

What number am I in line?

- This depends on finish as well (not simply by model). We may have the model you ordered, but not your finish and have 5 customers who ordered the finish we have in stock ready to ship. While we do our very best to ensure that no one is overlooked, that is not always possible - especially if a customer is not interested in accepting a finish we have. 

Why can't I reach you by phone (I'm getting a busy signal or voicemail). 

- Our staff makes every attempt to answer calls every time. Our staff may be on the phone reviewing specifications, reviewing technical support, or giving proper delivery instructions to ensure a smooth arrival. At this particular time, we are focused on shipping out as many orders as possible before Christmas. This is our top priority as is the case with every retailer during this season. While not every order will arrive by Christmas, we do our best to achieve as many as possible. There is also a logistics crisis currently in our nation and it is slowing down deliveries that once took only 3-5 days. That is NOT the case now. In addition to this, we are in the process of transitioning from a traditional phone company over to an internet based phone service with much higher levels of performance for the volume of calls we receive. As with everything currently, service turnaround times are running MUCH longer than pre-pandemic levels. 

Is this company a scam?

- No. We're a family-owned small business with a team of 8 based in Indianapolis, IN.

I saw on Google that your company looks like an abandoned building.

- Yes, we're aware that our WAREHOUSE is not much to speak of... which is why it's a warehouse. It's logistically positioned in a strategic location near our manufacturers. It's critical and keeps our costs down in order to provide better pricing. 


But I saw the reviews on Google that you're a scam... What gives?

- We've had TENS of THOUSANDS of customers in the past 2 years alone. (30,966 registered). We're positive that our website was not the only Powersports website that went viral during the pandemic after communicating with several. (Yes, some of us are friendly with each other!) While we appreciate the feedback of every valued customer, our reviews make up a very small percentage of our core base. We absolutely understand that during Covid frustrations and tensions are higher than possibly ever before and we expect higher than usual negative reviews. We own these and take them seriously. We strive for perfection, but fall short and those reviews have helped us build a stronger team with process improvements that we're grateful for. We are on a constant mission of improvement. Alternatively, as a small business, we've faced national crises in inventory, logistics, sea cargo, and employment that all were simply devastating to our nation. We look forward to the day when all small businesses can begin operating at pre-pandemic levels - yes, even our competitors! We're all in this together. 

I've misplaced my MCO. Can I get a new one?

- Absolutely! Please email us at info@familypowersport.com and we will assist. PLEASE write "MCO Request" in the subject line as we MUST sort by filters now. 

I was just on your website last week and the prices were lower... why?

- Unfortunately, when raw material prices skyrocket so do manufacturer costs. We can get one shipment in one week and the very next week our pricing goes up. With inflation going on all across the nation, our industry is no different. 

Do you offer a military discount?

- Absolutely and thank you for your service! Please email info@familypowersport.com prior to placing any order. 

Why am I getting a check refund when I paid by card?

- It's not always possible to refund the original method of payment at the time of checkout for numerous reasons beyond our control. We offer alternative methods of refund ONLY when refunding original payment method isn't possible. 

Do you offer financing?

- At this time, we do not, but are researching the best provider for our customers. 

Will I get my order by Christmas?

- We do everything in our power to ensure as many customers as possible will. we CANNOT guarantee, however, that this will be the case... especially with the logistics crisis our nation is facing.