America's Trusted Family Industry Leaders 855-563-6464 M-F 9am-5pm EST. We are CLOSED Saturdays and Sundays. ALL Tao / Vitacci Products are completely SOLD OUT nationwide and we're accepting preorders for these manufacturers. Call before placing any orders for Tao / Vitacci brand products - we are fulfilling orders on a first come first serve basis only until the industry re-stabilizes.. Until All manufacturers replenish inventory due to stimulus checks order spikes, expect significant shipping delays beyond shipping transit times listed as those are under usual circumstances only. Please also note that due to these unprecedented spikes in the Powersports industry, our phone lines are flooded daily by new order requests and wait times are running much higher than usual. We anticipate this will slow down within the next 2-4 weeks. Our fastest ability to respond is to emails: If you'd like to CANCEL your order and release your shipping position, simply click on your order confirmation email and there's an option to CANCEL your order. Thank you for your patience while we all navigate the new challenges our nation is facing! Please click on Inventory Delay Updates to see most recent model ETAs. All manufacturers are filling dealer orders on a first come first serve basis and rationing incoming inventory among all their dealers. We've estimated that the powersports industry will remain this way until at least Summer 2021 until factories are caught up. If you're uncomfortable with significant shipping delays, please call us before placing an order and we're happy to help!


Do you offer assembly?

Contact us at 855-563-6464 to schedule assembly by our professional technicians. Assembled products will also be thoroughly inspected and tested prior to delivery. ONLY AVAILABLE ON CERTAIN PRODUCTS.

Is Shipping REALLY free?

YES! You'll notice on some of our competitor's (loud) websites, that most add shipping in the cart or at checkout. Sometimes they'll even charge for lift gate services. Most of our customers, we've found, can't unload an item that's hundreds of pounds within the allotted delivery parameters. Any residential delivery we submit has lift gate service built in over 80 lbs. We buy direct from manufacturers, not middle men, we have our own dedicated locations, AND we have relationships with some of the best freight / logistics companies nationwide. If any of our carriers arrive without a lift gate service, reach out to us and we will assist immediately!

If I assemble, is tech support available / can I get info on what needs assembled ahead of time?

YES! Most of our items come 85-90% already assembled, but we're happy to help after the sale and are happy to let you know before you purchase what components on the item(s) you're interested in require assembly. 

Do you offer Layaway?

YES! We offer Layaway with a 10% down payment and you have 6 months to pay on your terms as you go. The 10% down payment is NON REFUNDABLE and is used to reserve your order. All Layaway purchases must be paid within 6 months beginning on the day your order is placed. Once the final payment is made, your order will be processed and shipped. To arrange Layaway and make your down payment: Call us at 855-563-6464. 

Do you offer Financing?

YES! Choose Klarna at checkout.



1. What’s going on with the Powersports industry? Dealers aren’t answering calls quickly and everybody I’ve called is out of stock. What gives?

- During lockdowns, hundreds of millions of Americans stayed home... with internet access and stimulus checks. The Powersports industry is outdoor entertainment and the explosive order spikes online depleted the nation’s manufacturer’s inventory. It takes 30-45 days sea freight plus time in customs before clearing then transit time from the ports to manufacturer’s master distribution centers. Most online dealers’ sites went viral (like ours) and the staff levels, phone systems, bandwidth, and available resources had to drastically change.

2. Can I pay more to get my product first?

- Not with our company. We honor and respect each customer’s time and investment. We ship in order of purchase and offer any available comparable models in order also.

3. Why did the model I want go from one estimated shipping date to a later date?

- We pass along ALL ESTIMATED manufacturer’s shipping dates in a fully transparent manner at ALL times with our customers. What they say, we share. There are unexpected delays in customs, logistics transportation, and always a small percentage of sea freight damage that doesn’t pass quality control therefore cannot be shipped to a customer as anticipated.

4. You said you refunded my money and I got the confirmation you did, but it’s not showing up in my account... I want my money back NOW.

- No business or merchant controls this. Refunds are an INSTANT and IRREVERSIBLE transaction for sellers nationwide. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act allows your financial institution that issued your card used at the time of checkout up to 10 business days to replenish funds to your account. No business you purchase anything from can control that, expedite that, or influence that in any way. You can read about it more thoroughly here:

5. I saw some bad reviews about your company during a 2 week time period... what’s up with that? Are you guys scamming people?

- Absolutely NOT. We were 100% not prepared in any area of our business for our website to go viral. Our site crashed several times from traffic spikes, our phone lines were flooded all day & night, our existing team couldn’t keep up with emails or messages. We FAILED to respond to the overwhelming flood of thousands of orders and inquiries. We are incredibly sorry for that failure and understand that we could not ensure the 100% customer satisfaction level we took pride in delivering pre-Covid.

6. What actions has Family Powersport taken to ensure higher communication levels?

- Among many other new developments, we’ve quadrupled our staff, added new phone lines / phone systems with AT&T, increased our bandwidth, added an entirely new electric grid at our main locations, and prioritize existing orders before new order inquiries.

7. If I order this model now, when will I actually get it?

- On MOST models we sell, we have very accurate ETAs. On other models, we have none. The reason: if a manufacturer gets 1000 units in, and has 50 dealers, that means each dealer gets 20. So, we count the first 20 orders waiting for product and ship the day that model is released. From above, if even 1 unit is damaged, we cannot ship out that unit and that customer becomes the first to receive their product when the manufacturer releases their next batch.

8. When will things go back to “normal” in the Powersports industry?

- From what we can determine currently, we anticipate manufacturers operating on a first come first serve preorder basis until @ Fall 2021. Our best educated industry insider guess is that the industry is about 45k units behind in factory production. Those with orders from Powersports dealers will receive their units first before anyone else.

We hope this sheds light on the overall scope of the situation at hand in our industry and we appreciate and value each and every customer waiting patiently. We are absolutely dedicated and working behind the scenes daily to earn your trust while we all navigate uncharted waters of the national crises we’re all going through. From our family to you and yours... thank you so much for your understanding and words of praise & encouragement to our staff! It is greatly appreciated and makes our whole day!