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BMS Enduro 250 CRP Dirt Bike 250cc - Family Powersport
BMS Enduro 250 CRP Dirt Bike 250cc - Family Powersport
BMS Enduro 250 CRP Dirt Bike 250cc - Family Powersport

BMS Enduro 250 CRP Dirt Bike 250cc

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From Family Powersport:

The BMS ® Enduro 250 CRP Dual Sport Dirt Bike Features a Lightweight and Powerful CG250 engine by Zongshen. 5-speed manual clutch front Inverted shocks. Street legal in 49 states.

If you enjoy blasting down the trail as much as along twisty back roads, BMS Dual Sport dirt bikes are the answer. They’re the designed to combine the smooth capabilities of a street bike with the exciting performance and exceptional handling of a dirt bike.

The BMS® CRP 250 Enduro Dirt Bike Features a Powerful CG250 Engine by Zongshen. 5 speed manual clutch 4-up 1-down and small magneto rotor to improve Engine response speed. Special racer technology optimized crankshaft & piston for optimum performance. Multiple Finishes.

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SPECS: Gasoline