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BMS Pro X 125 Dirt Bike 125cc - Family Powersport
BMS Pro X 125 Dirt Bike 125cc - Family Powersport
BMS Pro X 125 Dirt Bike 125cc - Family Powersport

BMS Pro X 125 Dirt Bike 125cc

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From Family Powersport:

The BMS® PRO-X 125 is the most compact and lightweight of the mid-size dirt bikes. Powered by 123.67cc Engine with 4 speed transmission, long travel suspension, 14x17 track and Anodized Aluminum Rims.

The BMS® PRO-X 125 Dirt Bike Features 123.67cc 4-stroke engine with special racer technology. Optimized crankshaft and piston for optimum performance. Small size magneto rotor to improve engine response speed. Dirt Bike: 4-speed Manual (1-down / 3-up).

A Rare Combination of Striking Styling, Lightweight Handling, and Affordability. Terrific combination of Lightweight responsiveness and lively performance all in one dirt bike. Multiple Finishes.

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SPECS: Gasoline